Worship Experience

What to Expect?

We invite you to experience worship. Jesus said we are to worship in spirit and truth, the verses from the bible will help you access the power of the Holy spirit. As we talk about beliefs and experience of faith though, be prepared – people are just as likely to express their doubts as their strong faith, and just as likely to express a question and concern than to dogmatically suggest what others should believe.

Welcome to

Auburn Baptist Church

The life of our church centres around Jesus and the Bible. We seek to practice “the Auburn Way” of spirituality that invites us to be aware of what God is inviting us towards.

Our Beliefs

What We Believe

Do you believe in god? The truthful answer, we cannot know for certain. But it is true that within the heart of man there is a capacity to love and desire to be loved. We believe there is a hole in every person that can only be filled by God. Relationships give meaning to our lives, and thus having a relationship with the all-mighty, all knowing, we fulfill our lives. God's plan for the fullness of time is to unite all things in heaven and on earth in his son Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:9-10).

Our Team


Robyn Song


Rob Hand

Hub Coordinator & Church Treasurer