Auburn is a new kind of church

Our worship gatherings are informal and conversational. We’re not a church with lots of singing and long preaching. Sometimes we have songs but you can sing along or just listen and enjoy. We also often have other contemplative ways to worship and pray.

We do have teaching and learning time focused on something from the Bible that helps us understand the relevance of faith to everyday life. But time learning about faith and the Bible and is more often time and space for learning together.

This starts with a Bible reading – sometimes in Chinese or another language as well as English. We then have opportunity for anyone to ask questions or make comment, and then a speaker may share some prepared thoughts. No one has to speak but we would rather learn from multiple voices rather than just a single preacher. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and conversation.

Our worship gatherings invite the contributions and gifts of all culture, all stages of faith (or no faith), all ages, all backgrounds. We normally finish the organized part of our service by 6pm and  people are welcome to stay and catch up.


I came here as a visiting scholar in Swinburne University of Technology. I am introduced to Auburn church. I study English at night of Wednesday and learn about the bible on Sunday night. These are very helpful for me. I never think about these elegant things before. The six months are very important in my life.
When I came to Australia first I didn't know who Jesus is. I attended this church to improve my English skills and meet some Australians. As I look back at the time, it's all God's grace for me to believe in Jesus Christ who is the living God.
I want to say thank you to this church and all the people who have helped me to understand and experience God.